The FETtec Alpha firmware is a completely new drone flight controller firmware by FETtec.

The preference is to make a drone firmware that flies as direct as possible without much filtering or high frame and hardware requirements. Keeping the setup clean, robust and simple.

Supported hardware: FETtec AIO 35A (-N), FETtec FC F7, FETtec FC G4 (-N) 

The FETtec Alpha FC firmware includes the following functions and features:


  • Flight modes: acro (rate), level (angle) mode and turtle mode
  • Analog OSD: there's a changed FETtec Alpha OSD firmware that supports MSP displayport, which makes it display the FETtec FC FWs OSD
    1. The onboard OSD is connected to serial 4. a MSP displayport is default set to this serial (FC setup menu)
  • Digital OSD support:
    1. DJI (very basic MSP that adds voltage, current and consumption to the DJI OSD: PIDs and rates are adjustable in the DJI menu)
    2. Shark Byte (the FETtec FC FWs OSD is displayed via MSP displayport)
    3. Caddx Walksnail (the FETtec FC FWs OSD is displayed via MSP displayport)
    4. Setup a MSP displayport (FC setup menu) where you connected the serial of the DJI air unit or Shark Byte
  • supported receiver protocols: Frsky Sbus+S-Port, CRSFv2 and CRSFv3, Ghost
  • supported ESC Signals: S2M, FETtec Onewire, DShot300-2400, Oneshot and PWM
  • supported VTX control signals: smartaudio (tbs unify's) and tramp 

and we are constantly improving things and establishing new functions.